All four chambers of the heart and brainwaves are functioning, and she responds to light touch as her organs continue to form. This unborn baby is a miracle  a person with her own distinct body which changes rapidly every day. She is created in the image of God, and while the right to life hasn’t been afforded to her in North Carolina, she has other rights. Before birth she has the right to an inheritance, and to protections against injuries caused by violence towards her mother. While the unborn have some rights, they are denied the most fundamental one of all – life. We need to advocate for all people, born and unborn because life is a human right.

America’s abortion laws are comparable to North Korea and China. We are one of only 8 countries allowing abortion past 20 weeks. Even in Europe, 47 out of 50 countries have limits on abortion prior to 15 weeks, and the US is about one in 12 allowing abortions beyond 15 weeks for any reason. In some states, late term abortion is performed up to the time of birth. We need to uphold the rights and humanity of the unborn, but our work is only beginning.  We need to modernize our laws.