Pregnancy Centers in North Carolina

If North Carolina doesn’t change course, we will become a harbor for heartbreak, as mothers who abort their children often suffer from depression, guilt, addiction, and regret. A study from a meta-analysis conducted by Professor Prinscilla Coleman, PhD of Bowling Green State University examining 22 studies showed that women who have had an abortion suffered from an 81 percent higher risk of mental health problems compared with women who have not.

Most women who had abortions say, they didn't see alternatives and abortion is legal. But there are alternatives, and any of the 83 pregnancy resource centers in North Carolina can help women facing unexpected pregnancies. Some of these resource centers provide financial assistance, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, (typically at no cost) support groups, parenting classes, and even post-abortion counseling. And if a mother decides not to keep her child, adoption is also another loving, life-giving choice.

We need to take a compassionate, pro-care approach in giving mothers information and resources. In the map above is a listing of some North Carolina pregnancy resource centers for mothers, and for those wanting to donate or volunteer.